Monday, June 1, 2009

Push Has Come To This

The Pushy Jacket is done - for the first time. I am just not sure I like it. The pattern picture shows it as a short, boxy jacket. Using Sally Melville's guidelines from her latest book,
Mother-Daughter Knits, to achieve the correct length to give the most-flattering, short, boxy look, for me, I made mine one inch longer than the pattern stated. But, IMO it still looks too short. And none too roomy.

Here it is on the bed.

And here it is on me, pinned together for the try-on.
With my shirt tucked in, which I almost never do, it looks not too bad. With the shirt over the top of the jeans,
my normal style, it looks really short. Also, it looks a bit 'not-quite-roomy-enough', IMO. (Sorry. These photos don't' make it easy to see the entire picture, but they are as long as my arms can stretch. My picture-taking hubby left early this morning for a couple of weeks of fishing up in Hearst at the trailer.) To me, the pattern image seems roomier and longer than my version. Is that a croaking frog I hear?

I think I will let it 'settle' for the night and try it on again tomorrow. Another day, another opinion. Maybe. If it still doesn't capture me, I will take it apart and start over again. It is a quick knit, so the thought of ripping it out doesn't flummox me too much. I'll keep you posted.


LaurieM said...

Have you washed and blocked it yet? In my experience garments sometimes grow in the wash. ;-)

Sel and Poivre said...

I agee! Couldn't you encourage it to become the size you desire with a forceful blocking?