Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Our travellers have returned; Nell from Holland and Jo Ann from Germany.

Nell was visiting her sisters in Holland and apparently they did crafts while they visited. She made these lovely cards
and this cute, card/picture-holding hedge hog.
The hedge hog is a great, grand kid project.

Take an old paperback novel (Nell's sample had a pretty racy cover, so I took my photo of the back. Racy enough.)
Fold the first page in half, towards the spine of the book. Then fold each corner down to make a 90' triangle. Repeat with each page of the book. Once all the pages are folded, cut the front and back covers to match the shape of the pages. Lay the book flat and glue a heavier piece of cardboard to the bottom. (This is where the cover is) Decorate as you wish. Makes a great photo or card holder. Here you see it with a photo of Nell and her two sisters.
You can tell I was fascinated by this little project. But there was also knitting.

Jo Ann had no crafty stories from her three weeks in Germany, but she made us all jealous when she spoke of the warm, sunny weather. She is working on a red scarf
and her fingers were flying so fast, I'm surprised the picture isn't blurred.

Sharon finished the little orange sweater she started last week.

Ingrid is marathon knitting. Another cabled dress, made with Koigu, of course.
Knitting with your eyes closed, Ingrid?

Doreen is making a side-to-side, lacey shrug.
Doreen's daughter lives in England and reads the blog. She told her Mom that everyone at knit group seems to be having so much fun except her. Smile, Doreen.

And just so you know. WWKIP day, Saturday, June 13th, we are knitting in front of the Meaford Library. 1 - 3pm. Take a drive to beautiful Meaford on Georgian Bay and join us. Bring a lawn chair.

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