Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Vonica In White

Vonica is just as nice in white as it is in black.

 Having  finished the black one in mid April, almost immediately, I cast on for a  white one.  While the motivation to speed knit  lessened with Vonica number two, still today, May 24, my white Vonica  is enjoying it's inaugural wear.

The yarn used this time is Cascade Sunseeker, a 50/50 cotton acrylic blend.  It was warm across my lap while knitting and it occurred to me that the acrylic content might make it  too warm for a hot weather wear.  I sure hope not because when else would one wear a white lacy sweater but in hot weather?

Again, the only modification I made was to use 2x2 ribbing vs the 1x1 called for in the pattern.

As I mentioned after finishing my black Vonica  - and as has been born out with each of it's  many, many wearings -   Vonica is  an easy pattern to knit; a comfortable sweater to wear; - and one that garners compliments galore.  

I have begun to wonder if it would be 'weird' to have a sweater collection that contained only Vonicas?  Perhaps to a non-knitter, yes.  But this knitter is considering it.

PS.  I am having a much better day that my photo in these pics might suggest.

PS #2 Bonne Marie from Chicknits has publicly announced on Ravelry that she is suffering from Colon Cancer.  Hop on over to the Chicknits forum and wish her well.