Saturday, July 8, 2017

Boxy Lace

This is the year to reknit my knits.  Or so it seems.  Earlier this spring, I re-knit the Black Zooey, changing it from it's first life as Margarita to it's new and happier Vonica.  More recently, I ripped out my Cotton Concerto  - sorry to Sigrun  who helped me so much with the sleeves - and knit Cancun Boxy Lace.

From the photos it appears that my Concerto looked lovely on me.

But in reality all that cotton was a bit heavy, and therefore hot, to wear.  Cancun used only a fraction of the amount of yarn needed for Concerto.   Combine that with the  shorter length and Cancun  should be much more comfortable to wear on hot summer days.

Cancun is an easy knit, but the free ravelry pattern does have a few errors.  Nothing major and nothing  a knowing knitter  cannot solve,  but just beware.  And use the picture for guidance.


I have worn Cancun a few times this week and it has been well received.  The proof is always in the wearing.

Sorry for these less than stellar photos.  Hubby is off on a fishing trip and these are selfies.  Should get some advice from our PM.  He's well-practised.