Friday, June 5, 2009

Nimbus Pimbus

Nimbus is rising slowly from the ashes of it's first demise. Very slowly, I think.

The back is finished and the size appears right.

But the left front is on it's fourth re-knit. I started it yesterday at knit group and managed to finish the bottom band of garter stitch and about 10 rows of the stockinet. Last evening, I thought it would be prudent (no slouch, me) to check the height of the garter stitch border. Yikes!!!! 13 ridges. There are supposed to be 12. The back has twelve. I held them side by side, hoping it wouldn't be noticeable. No such luck. Rip it!

I blindly knitted back up to where I left off - 10 rows of stockinet before I thought to check the pattern (you know, I'm so smart- or think I am - that I had - or thought I had- the pattern memorized.) Turns out I didn't. I had forgotten the garter stitch button band running up the front. Rip it!

Try number four and here it is.
Can you see the few rows of stockinet stitch in the midst of that garter stitch border? Hopefully not, because that would mean that I don't need to fix it. My MIL used to say that if it wasn't visible from a galloping horse, it didn't need fixing. Me? I don't ride, so I wouldn't know.

I blame all of this knitting and re-ripping on my dentist. Wednesday morning, I had a root canal. Number three for me. Which makes me a bit of a bit of a root canal expert. Not a sought-after expertise, believe me. The tooth is a bi-cuspid (I learned that term when I told the dentist it was the second molar from the front. "Bi-cuspid", he said. Semantics, thought I. *#@%!!, thought I, a couple of seconds later when the drill seemed to be breaking through to my nostril.

This expensive, half-hour procedure (and the reason Fred left me the cheque book) left me with a face that looks as if I am carrying a baseball in my left cheek and eating Tylenol all day yesterday. No wonder I had to rip.

On the 'merry widow' home front, today I am making three loaves of home-made, whole wheat bread to take to the Church garage/bake sale tomorrow. This is the first year I have not been at the trailer when the sale is held, and so I am able to contribute. Tomorrow is also the 65th anniversary of D Day. Locally, we have a veteran who lived through it having three different tanks blown out from beneath him. After the garage sale, I think I might go visit him.


Christy J said...

Isn't it strange how the "simple" patterns often end up being the ones that require ripping and reknitting. Happens to me too. Sweater looks good to me. Giddyup!

Sel and Poivre said...

Dental Work! It sucked 7 weeks out of my spring last year - I feel your pain (and understand the brain drain that goes with it!)

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