Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Things worked out well at knit group today. The library asked us to leave a half hour early as they needed our room for another event. That was a bit disappointing, but as the knitters started to arrive, they announced that the LYS - Purrsonally Yours - was having a sale. 20% off all yarn in the store and a big bin of yarn for 50% off. It couldn't have been a better day to get kicked out early.

But still, we had time to knit and chat.

Ingrid has started another 'design-as-she-knits-it garment.
I love the two natural colours she's using.

Nell has started a baby blanket with leftover stash yarn.
Such bright and cheerful colours. It is Nell, remember, that gives all her knitting and crocheting to a mission in Toronto. Some baby and Mom will love that blanket, Nell.

Sandy B is making this wonderful little sweater for her grand daughter.
With her eyes closed, it appears.

Wilma is knitting a dress for a doll.
Wilma and her husband are celebrating a big anniversary this year and all the kids and grand kids are coming home for a week at the beginning of July. This doll's dress is a gift for a grand daughter.

And that's all. Off to the LYS.

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Unknown said...

Have fun at the LYS...or should I say...don't have too much fun...hell, there's a sale...have lots of fun!