Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nimbus Is Done

Nimbus is finished - finally.
It was a double header for this one. In fact, some parts were done more than twice.

But done it is and I like it. I have yet to find a great, big, honkin' button and am starting to enjoy the button-less ' Channel' style. Maybe I'll leave it that way.

Pattern: Nimbus by Berrocco
Yarn - Two yarns held together. Cascade Eco Yarn with Sirdar 4 ply Cotton both in shades of green, as you can see
Mods: The first knit of this jacket was knit exactly to pattern, except I added one inch in length to the body. But, still, I found it too short. Shorter than the picture implied. The second time through, I added three inches in length and it is just perfect.
Thoughts: It feels comfortable to wear and very warm. The short sleeves seem somehow contrary to the idea of a warm jacket. Time will tell if that combo bothers me.

The four-inch wide, garter stitch borders are knit at the same time as the jacket. A little 'haute couture' detailing that I like.

On the 'merry widow' home front - Fred arrives home tonight. I hate to hand him the camera the minute he walks through the door to take pictures of me and my Nimbus, so once again, you have my 'short-armed' version.


Terri said...

that is really pretty! I've already gone and printed the pattern out - hmm, what yarn could I use?

LaurieM said...

Looks good! I think you can wear long sleeves under your sweater jacket.

Sel and Poivre said...

My daugter often wears short sleeved sweaters with long sleeved t shirt things under them. Your perserverence paid off on this knit eh?

Sel and Poivre said...


I was just at the address above and if you scroll down there's a Nimbus being modelled over a turtleneck!