Monday, June 29, 2009

No Detention Yet

Hey, Teach! is back on track and I haven't had to stay after school yet.

The right front is at the head of the class.
First in the class to be finished and the work worthy of an 'A', I think.

The left front remains in the corner wearing the dunce cap.
Still naughty for giving me grief. But, I feel that I do now, know how to handle the situation. I will deal with it once the back is finished.

And while the back is not at the head of the class,

it is certainly moving along at a 'C+' worthy speed. Just better than average, but fast enough to not incur the teacher's wrath.

While most are doing the happy dance that school is out, I'm pleased to be still on speaking terms with the 'Teach'. As with most scholastic things, perseverance and persistence pay off.
Hey, Teach! I'm working towards an 'A' on this one.


Sel and Poivre said...

Well by the looks of that floor you certainly deserve an "A+" for housecleaning! ;)

freshisle said...