Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Take Two

The man's home and rested enough that I got him to take pictures of Nimbus. Here it is. Reveal number two.

The full-on frontal view with a good look at those wide, garter stitch button bands. Notice how the sleeve caps rest exactly at my shoulder mark. That's what I'm talkin' about, Baby! Few fit errors bother me more that a set-in sleeve where the top of the sleeve sits either too narrow or too wide for my shoulders. Nimbus is dead on. I like that.

A side view revealing that maybe I should give the front a tug.

And a close up of those 'haute couture' garter stitch bands. Can you tell I like them?

PHEW!! My winter knitting for the winter of /09 is complete. Now on to summer stuff.
Hey, Teach! is number one and on the needles. All ravelry reports say it is a quick knit. I hope so.


Vera said...

I really like that jacket. It looks good on you!!

Sel and Poivre said...

That sentence - "all my knitting for the winter of '09 is complete" is probably the most uplifting thing I've read in knitblogland this week! I love it that you've got goals and a plan to achieve them and hence you know when you've reached them!

Plus your sweetie is back - you must feel fabulous starting into Hey Teach and based on how well Nimbus suits you, you should really love wearing it too!

Anonymous said...

Really nice! I love those wide bands of big garter stitches.

Gina C.

freshisle said...

That is just gorgeous and it looks wonderful on you. Love the greens colour choice, too. Great job!