Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

With many of our knitters off travelling, our numbers have dwindled at knit group. Nell is in Holland, Joann in Germany, Ingrid in Toronto. Less enticing, but nonetheless important, Megan's work schedule now has her working Thursday afternoons. Until she can convince her boss of the importance of knit group (and why he can't see that is hard to understand) we won't see her for awhile.

That meant only eleven of us at knit group today. Sharon has started another baby sweater.
Top down and in a great orange colour.

Bonnie completed another great little hooded sweater.
Knit with Astra that her daughter purchased a few years back, intending to learn how to knit. When that didn't happen, she gave the yarn to her Mom and as usual, Bonnie put it to good use.

Wilma has started a wonderful little summer top.
Using Super 10 Cotton, in a beautiful teal blue, she is almost done the first half.
That colour is going to look fabulous on you, Wilma.

And on the 'merry widow' home front, it occurred to me today, that I have a good thing going here. I have the cheque book, but only have to cook and clean for one for the next little while. A position many would envy, I'm sure.


Christy J said...

Re your comment on my bag: No beads. The market bag is mesh, so I think it's just the background showing through in some spots that might look like beads. Not so fancy, but should be very serviceable.

Sel and Poivre said...

Where do all those local ladies buy their yarn? If its from one LYS the owners of that shop must be happy indeed!