Friday, June 19, 2009

LYS Sale

Have I made you wait long enough? I admit it's pretty rude to tell the world of knitters that I went to a LYS sale but not immediately tell what I bought.

Well, I hope you are not too disappointed. Remember, I didn't know about the sale when I left home. It was only at knit group that it was mentioned. That's the excuse I'm using for buying just two skeins of Super 10 Cotton in a butterscotch colour.
The butterscotch is because I am trying to stay away from greens for awhile. Years ago, I had my colours done and green stood out as being 'MY' colour. But now, having so much green in my wardrobe, I sometimes wonder if I am a woman who knows what looks good on her, or a woman stuck in a rut.

So butterscotch it is. Although, I am not 100% convinced about this particular butterscotch. It seems a bit 'orange' to me. I might exchange it for the next lighter colour in the palette.

The yarn is intended for this
'let's blame Wilma' project.

And then, I treated myself to this book.
I have wanted it for some time and lately, not unlike Marie, I am feeling a desire to return to my knitting roots. The basics. This book has three basic designs - all top down, all raglan sleeved, all 'back-to-your-knitting roots' basics. Instructions are for either DK or Aran weight yarns, so that makes the book a 'two-for-the price-of-one' addition to my knitting library. Once the basics are down pat, the book gives options for dressing them up. Taking them from cottage to couture, so to speak.

The book is written by the Gemmell sisters of Cabin Fever. I've long admired this duo, not only for the thought processes behind their no-sew designs but also the wonderful 4 x 6 colour photo they used to glue to the front of every pattern. Digital technology has made their pattern production easier, for sure. The fact that they are not only Canadian but almost local, being from Oriliia, makes me a big fan.

So my goal this week is to study the book, study my ravelry queue and then hike it back to Purrsonally Yours before the sale is over.

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Sandra said...

Deb Gemmell is a member of our GUild, and sooo nice! It's also cool to see her patterns start taking shape each month...