Monday, June 22, 2009

The Re Visit

I am a fan of television's home decorating shows. In fact, I often tell people that I have a PHD from HGTV. The ones I enjoy most are those that return to the home a few weeks after the renovations have been completed to see how the homeowners are enjoying the changes to their decor.

Sometimes, I look at the unusual furniture placement or the crazy lamp or the many, many accessories and wonder,
despite the always-gushing admiration expressed upon the 'reveal', if the re-design will stand the test of time.

And so, my favourite shows are those that have a post-production visit. I want to see if the new design has stood the test of everyday living or did the homeowners revert to their old style for the sake of sanity or convenience in their daily lives.

The idea of a revisit made me think that perhaps readers would enjoy a revisit to my completed knitting projects. Sure the finished items look good in the photo shoot, but did they stand the test of wear? Or the test of other peoples' reactions? So today's blog revisits two of my recent FOs.

The Easter Topper, 2010 and Slinky Ribs.

I've worn the Easter Topper
a couple of times and would give it an 8 out of 10. The fit is great. It doesn't suffer from baggy armpits as some raglans do and the colour work is lovely - if a bit scratchy from the glittery, metallic yarns. The pattern is, in my eyes, a winner for shaping. If I were to knit this top again, the only change I would make is to put some short-rows across the back neck. Even though the neck is quite open and therefore supposedly not subject to riding up, it does. A bit. But nothing a few short-rows wouldn't solve.

Slinky ribs,
would also get an 8 out of 10. Personally, even though everyone tells me it is not, I still find it a bit small. However, I am blaming the yarn. Described as a DK weight, it was nonetheless a bit fine. A more 'bang on' DK weight would make the sizing perfect. I did take out the hem on Slinky Ribs and add an inch in length. That was an improvement IMO.

There you have it. The revisit. Both garments have received compliments and that is a sure test.


Sel and Poivre said...

Sometimes I visit this blog and find a post I was thinking of writing in Toronto about my knits - already written up in Meaford - about your knits! I love this idea of hearing how the knit fared because after all we may love to knit things, in relative terms its only reasonable to recognize we are (hopefully) going to wear the knit longer than it took to knit it! Plus its so great to learn from the performance and apply that learning to future projects!

(I admit I also love seeing how redone homes fare on TV - my favourite is the one from Britain where the two women clean filthy homes - its one thing to live with a new design its another thing entirely to undertake a regular cleaning schedule after living for a long time - or forever - without one!)

Christy J said...

Loved your last comment to me!!

I think your slinky ribs looks fine, but I know sometimes one feels more self conscious in ribby sweaters. I'd like to see the other one on - show us some time.