Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Knittingly Depressed

Progress on Nimbus seems slow. Since the back is almost finished for the second time, I know that truly, it isn't slow, but second time around, it feels depressingly slow.

With the painful lack of progress making for less than interesting picture fodder, I cruised blogland today for some items of interest to brighten my blog and interest my readers. I found lots, but instead of cheering me up, I am now, more than ever, knittingly depressed.

Sandra posted about Fiona Ellis speaking at her her guild last night. That would be the third, (and closest to home) world-renown, knitter, author, designer within driving distance of my house that I have NOT gone to see. Besides Fiona, I missed Sally Melville in Peterborough and Cat Bordhi in New Hamburg. How knittingly depressing. Le Sigh!!

Then Julie (From the Needle Emporium in Ancaster) tells of her tent sale starting tomorrow. Again withing driving distance. But I really do not need any yarn. I have several sweater's worth queuing up at the starting gate. Not to mention the tons of hat's worth, or mitten's worth. I had decided quite some time ago, that I would not attend the tent sale. I will not attend the tent sale. I will not attend the tent sale. How knittingly depressing. Le Sigh!!

On the 'merry widow' home front, tonight I am eating pork. Fred loves the taste, but can't digest pork, so we never have it at our house. But when he's away, it's porkfest time for Brenda. Nothing depressing about that.


Sandra said...

we've had Sally at our Guild, as well as Maureen Mason-Jamieson, Amy Singer, and of course Stephanie, among others.
You really should make the drive!

Unknown said...

Oh, go to the tent sale, and cheer yourself up!

LaurieM said...

I'm going to the tent sale tonight. I can't decide if I should be sad your not going, because it would have been nice to meet you, or happy because that means more yarn for me!!!

Sel and Poivre said...

I'm with you - enjoy the Pork!