Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trend Setting

It seems I have moved from my usual position of trend lagger to one of trend setter. Take a look here at Toronto's LYS The Purple Purl's January newsletter. Scroll down to the 'Miko Challenge'. Recognize the Julie and Juia reference? I wonder if my year with EZ admits me to this group?

The goal of My Year With EZ was not to knit all the patterns in one book. But I could. Certainly any one of her books contains a year's worth of knitting.

Neither was my goal to stick to only one book. But I could. My goal had been to knit EZ patterns using EZ methods and using only one book still accomplishes that goal.

To join the group or not to join. To be a spectator or participant. To work at my own pace or to feel to peer pressure of other knitters. I have until January 31 to decide.

Right now, it's enough to know a trend has been set.

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