Tuesday, January 12, 2010


With 2009 tucked nicely away and even with the disappointment of my flickr flub, I am ready to move into 2010 knitting.

Most bloggers are a step ahead of me. They've already posted about their 2010 knitting goals and aspirations. Deb Gemmell says she intends to 'prioritize and organize'. Sorry, Deb. Let's talk knitting, not housework.

Ysolda intends to 'clear out clutter'. Again, it smacks of housework, to me.

Isa intends to knit from her queue. A goal with a specific end. Management would approve.

a-black-pepper says she has no specific plans but intends to go with the flow. Aaaah. This sounds better.

Knitting To Stay Sane intends to carry on with skills started in 2009. Pattern design and spinning. Only part of that appeals to me.

My problem, I think, is having spent too many years in the corporate world where life revolves around goal setting, goal achieving (or not) and goal reviewing. In my mind, all corporate activities.

Now retired and free from such drivle pressure, part of me resists and resents goals. But, I am, most naturally, a goal-setting kind of girl. Most days, before bed, I make a list of what I want to accomplish the next day. While total completion is not always achieved, and in fact, most days isn't even the goal, the list at least helps my ageing memory and keeps me from too much daydreaming.

And so, I cringe to say it, but I have set a knitting goal for 2010.

I am going to spend the year with Elizabeth Zimmermann. It will be, I hope, a sort of 'Julie and Julia' experience without the late night dinners and pounds of butter. I will knit my way through Elizabeth's patterns. And, when the stash fails to meet the yarn needs, I intend to use her wool.

Having publicly declared this goal, I now expect to
A) be kept on track by my readers. Please! Please! Keep me on track.
B) be diverted by the rich and plentiful supply of patterns on the net and ravelry.

Off, now, to scour my EZ books for project number one.

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Sel and Poivre said...

From this goal setting girl to you - what a wonderful plan! The beauty of the year with EZ is she offers so much latititude it should always be easy to find something that entertains.

Which reminds me - I don't think I have set any goals for '10! Thanks for the reminder!