Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No Cabin Fever

'Cabin Fever', the dreaded winter malaise of the great white north, is strongly being held at bay this winter, in my neck of the frozen Canadian landscape. At least in the local knitting world.

We are now up to six Olympians from the Meaford Knit Group. as Doreen has now taken up the challenge.

The Southampton Group
has been notified of our plans and some of them are going for the gold as well. You might have to push away from that table, knitters. That means that a party of sorts is required following the Olympics. A get-together of Meaford and Southampton knitters for a 'show & tell' and Medal Ceremony. Knitted medals, of course.

Then late last week, I learned that Colleen of Riverside Yarns is holding her own Knitting Olympics. Except, she is going one step further - swifter, higher stronger- so to speak, awarding gift certificates by means of a random draw for those that finish on time. Now that's incentive.

My only problem is that I am so excited about the Waterloo County Fairisle - 13 1/2 inches now done and looking good - that I keep stalling on my Olympic gauge swatch. Knowing my problems with gauge, that is perhaps not a good idea.

Knitting Olympics, parties, gift certificates - describe Cabin Fever. Ooops, can't remember.

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