Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Glad To Be A Knitter

Before Christmas, I mentioned receiving my copy of Sunday Holm's pattern for EZ's Green Sweater. Mine arrived minus the yarn, as it was on back order.

One day, during the flu-induced haze that was my post-Christmas week, I dragged myself to
the drugstore for meds. And since the post office is right across from the drug store, dragged myself there as well. I am so glad I did.

A parcel was waiting for me.

Remember how in an earlier post I commented on what a wonderful knitterly experience knitting EZ's Green Sweater would be? Never did I imagine that simply the arrival of the wool would also be a great knitterly experience too. But look.

It arrived, having been sent from one of the most well-known yarn companies in North America - if not the world; a company owned by the daughter of the world's most famous knitting mentor of all time, packed in this.
I find that heartwarming.

Now, look at the yarn.
For me, the colour couldn't be more perfect. Green. Not a solid green, but rather a prettier, I think, heathered green. And what yarn is it? For a world-famous sweater, originally knit by a world-famous knitter and now, 50 years later, enjoying a world-famous renaissance, one would perhaps expect something -well, world famous.

Something luxurious. Mmmm, Malabrigo?
Something with a name-dropping label. Rowan? Alchemy? Prism?
Something fabulously hand-spun, hand-dyed? Fleece Artist? Handmaiden?

Not our Elizabeth. She knit the original Green Sweater with this.
How wonderful is that? For me, being Canadian, superbly wonderful. This historic sweater, originally designed and knit by an Englishwoman, married to a German, living in the USA, was knit with yarn from Canada's oldest, continually-operating mill. Fifty years later, this little Canadian knitter, ordered the 'kit' from EZ's daughter in Wisconsin. She, in turn, ordered the yarn from New Brunswick and shipped it, in a re-cycled, Grey Poupon box, to me, living in Ontario. I'm so glad I knit.


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Sandra said...

I love B&L yarns - have quite a collection. As a Canadian, there's a certain amount of pride involved with it.