Wednesday, April 26, 2017

From Margarita to Vonica

From Magarita to Vonica - sounds like a song title.  But no, it is my latest knit.

Last year you might remember that I knit Margarita with Black Zooey - a linen/cotton combo that I purchased  in Florida.  Although I loved the lace panel down the back of Margarita, I didn't love the way the sweater hung in front.  It was one of those 'stick to the armpits' sweaters.  The pattern declared it to be open-fronted but gave instructions for extra width to fill in that gap a bit, if desired.

I did knit it with the extra width, but still, when wearing, it drifted always to the armpits and stayed there.

This spring, I decided to rip it out and knit something else with it.  I chose Vonica, a Chicknits pattern.

I have knit a few other Chicknits patterns and even though Vonica is also open-fronted, I felt I could trust the designer to give me a non-armpit-clinging garment.  And she did!
It is a lovely sweater.  And a quick knit. Started April 1 - good thing I'm not superstitious - and finished on April 23.

The construction is unique.  It starts at the centre-back collar with a provisional cast on (See how I did this on  my ravelry page)
 and continues first down the fronts, then the back to the underarms.  There the  fronts are joined to the back and the knitting continues to the bottom ribbing.

Sleeves are picked up and knit down.  Sleeves are a modified drop
 with a snugger fit that the drop-shoulder sleeves of our past. They look very sophisticated.

The only modification I did was to use 2x2 ribbing instead of the 1x1 the pattern suggested.  I made my standard size - the 40 (W)x 22.5(L) inch rectangle that seems to suit my body shape.  I love it so much, I think a white one is in order.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Canadian Recognition, Eh?

Yesterday, while out thrifting for bargains with my friend, I was spotted by a fellow Canadian.  I was searching through a packed-full rack of clothing and made a comment to no one in particular -   'These clothes are packed tight, eh?'

Immediately a woman standing a few feet away, spoke to me and asked where I was from.  'Canada,' I replied.

'Well, I know that,' she said.

When I asked her how she knew that, she repeated  -   'These clothes are packed tight - eh?'

My eh gave me away.   That is how I met Pat.  Pat from Peterborough and I had a nice chat about things back home. She was tickled to know my sister lives in Peterborough.

I never know whether to 'eh' away as my natural inclinations prompt me to do, or to  try to  improve my speech patterns.  But with the 'eh' you meet some nice people when away from home.

And knitting?  Well, not much, I had to buy a new needle.  My 16 inch cable just wouldn't cut the 154 stitches in this thick yarn.  With a new 29 inch cable,  the afghan is underway. It will be very pretty, I think.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Warm-Weather Knitting

Warm-weather knitting.  You would think that is what I would do in Florida.  But - Florida knitting, for me, is different  from  at-home, warm-weather knitting.  It seems, Florida destroys my motivation to knit.  Last year the big plastic tub of yarn and patterns that accompanied me on the trip, went mostly untouched.  Knowing that, this year I came with only three projects.

One is a hank of Orange/red mohair that is intended to be  a Hemlock Ring Blanket.

The second is my black linen Margarita.  It's open-front design is too open for my taste, so I hope to rip and re-knit it while here.  That most likely will fall under the 'hope springs eternal' category.

And the third project is a bag with a variety of wonderful, fluffy, textured, green yarns.  A gift given to me by a dear friend almost eleven years ago now.  The clear bag, filled with the wonderful yarns,  has been sitting on my shelf all those years.  I look at it, admire it and think of my friend whenever I look at the bag.  But I have decided it is time.  After eleven years, it will no longer be a work of art on my shelf, but a work of art on my bed.  An afghan.

We've been here four nights and so far, I have rolled the skeins into balls and cast on.

It's a start.