Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My First EZ

The decision has been made. My first project of 'My Year With Elizabeth', will be the Waterloo Fairisle Sweater from Knits From The North Country.

Huh?? Not an EZ design or even an EZ book you say. Correct. But I intend to borrow only the fairisle chart from the pattern. "You may of course use designs from any source,or, best of all, invent your own." (EZ)

Everything else will be done EZ style.

I will start by using the sweater chart to knit a 'swatch cap' in the round. "Count the number of stitches to 3" and divide by 3. The result is your GAUGE; don't even be 1/4 stitch off! (EZ)

I will not choose one of the sizes listed in the pattern, but rather, make my own size. "Decide how wide you want your sweater by measuring your favourite old one, or yourself at your widest. Multiply this width by your GAUGE..." (EZ)

I will knit the sweater in the round rather than in flat pieces as the designer suggests. -- Pure EZ.

With steeks, the sweater will become a cardigan, not the designed pullover. -- Pure EZ

I will hold one colour in one hand, the other colour in the other hand and yank the finished colour to the right before starting the next colour. -- Pure EZ.

I will employ a "number of tricks Elizabeth devised..." Phoney Seams, Short Rows across the back of the body, Mirror-image sleeve increases each side of three centre underarm stitches...

I am ready. Let the year begin.


Terri said...

I am intrigued by your Year of EZ! The Waterloo sweater sounds interesting; I'll have to look that one up on the Rav. Great colours you chose.

Nicki said...

May the knitting Goddess be with you!

Zieknits said...

Yay! I was sort of mourning the loss of being able to watch the Waterloo fairisle come to be, after the EZ announcement. Now I see how deep the goal really is!

Oh, and can I just say: anyone who believes fairisle can best be knit 'back and forth' in flat pieces...perhaps needs their head examined? Just my opinion. :)

LaurieM said...

My curiosity is piqued... I'll be watching this space.

Sandra said...

good on ya! I'll be watching with interest.

Sel and Poivre said...

My goodness - what EZism have you left out to use for the other 11 months of 2010?