Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Lois, Joanne and Pat all missed knitting today, due to the cold, snow and unplowed roads. Nell, on the other hand, was back with us for the first time after six weeks in North Carolina where she said she froze. Snow on a vacation that you expect to be warm is no fun.

Olympic knitting was the topic today. Sharon has decided to do lace. The exact pattern has not been selected, but she knows it will be lace and it will be red.

These are Wilma and Doreen's Olympic knitting choices.
Wilma is doing the seed stitch, cabled, child's sweater and Doreen the vest.

Gail is still mulling over what she wants to knit. I imagine she is choosing her project by quantity of yarn to be used. The more the better for our 'ball-a-day' knitter.

Considering that Survivor starts the day before the Olympics, the week of Feb 11th/12th, promises to be an exciting time of couch potato TV watching, knitting time. Can't wait.

Off the needles today, Sharon's little baby coat.
A beautiful little kimono coat with only the icord ties left to do. Sharon said the sleeves, picked up at the shoulders and knit down, gave her some grief, but the finished product is wonderful. A luxurious baby garment.

Wilma finished another little sweater. She's a machine, I tell you. But still, she is disappointed today. She thought this project would be ready to be sent off in the mail this afternoon. Not quite.
There are glorious buttons for this sweater, but my camera did them no justice.
Ingrid in the background above, is still working on her Koigu, mitered square piece. Her nightmare piece, she calls it.

Off now to turn on the TV and revel in the perfect winter knitting weather.

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