Monday, January 4, 2010

Car Knitting

The flu knocked the needles out of my hands for most of holiday. But before it attacked, I did manage to start a pair of mittens.

Somewhere along the line, most likely the Internet, I had picked up a pattern for 'Spiral Rib Mittens'
that I've been longing to knit. When packing for the trip to 'Lobster Fest' I grabbed the pattern and this lovely yarn.
Three balls of this yarn were sitting on the table one Thursday, when I arrived at knit group. Sandy B's sister, Sue, - the bag lady -
had given Sandy some yarn she no longer wanted and said to give it to knit group. I arrived a bit late that day and all but this green yarn had been snapped up.

The knitters, knowing my love of green, had very thoughtfully saved this for me. I asked "What's this?" When I heard it was for me, they laughed at the speed with which I wrapped my arms around the yarn and brushed it off the table and into my knitting bag.

The yarn, with multiple shades of two colours and its thick and thin spinning is probably not the best choice for this pattern. With both a rib and a spiral going on, plain yarn would have sufficed. In fact been better. But with my double goal of trying the pattern and knitting with this yarn, I thought 'what the heck?'

One was done pre-flu and the second completed in the recuperation phase. There is no thumb gusset in these mittens and I have to say, mittens with no gusset seem to fit me better. Not to mention how easy it is to dress for the outdoors when there is no left or right. The perfect mindlessness required for flu season.


freshisle said...

Free yarn is always a good thing! Lovely mittens.
I hope you're feeling better.

Sel and Poivre said...

I love how the knobby yarn spirals make those mittens look so so cozy! I think its a great yarn/pattern match!