Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. New Year's Day and I opened the computer to read some blogs. Something I commonly do for relaxation and inspiration. Today didn't disappoint.

Sel&Poivre had a wonderful, in-depth post about knitting goals achieved in 2009. You will want to applaud her when you read her post.

Fibre, Flora & Fauna had a touching post about family, friends and their role in helping him through his dark days of cancer treatment in 2009. You will cry and want to call your family when you read his post.

Issues With Knitting showed a lovely sweater she started over the holidays. You will want to grab your needles and book off work for extra knitting time when you read her post.

Here at the Harris house, there is no in-depth thinking, no warm and fuzzy reflection, and no knitting, much. Fred and I came down with the stomach flu right after Christmas. Family get-togethers are bad for your health it seems.

On the 27th, we travelled to my Dad's house for the family Christmas get-together. Dad, for the last several years, has prided himself on buying, cooking and serving lobster for this meal. He does it all! We watch and because he is 89 caution him not to burn himself.

This year, the clerk at the grocery/lobster store misinterpreted the order (hard to do since Dad had given it to her in writing) and cooked the lobster. All Dad had to do was re-heat them for the meal. Not nearly as dramatic a presentation as he likes. He apparently used some harsh (some might say, verbally abusive) words on the poor clerk.

When three of us came down with the flu within 48 hours, followed by Fred another 48 hours later, Dad's comment about the pre-cooked lobster isn't fit to print. It's amazing how many swear words an 89 year old man still knows. Probably, Dad was Knowing Dad, he was, most likely, overly harsh with the clerk. But who else can say they have an 89 year old Dad who can still kick - - - ?

The flu meant I missed the Olympic Torch that passed three blocks from my house. It meant I missed a visit with the Hearsters - grand kids and all - when they travelled south to stay with another branch of the family. And today it means that rather than add up my 2009 knitting accomplishments, send emails of love to family and friends, or start a new knitting project, I am off to disinfect the bathrooms. Stay healthy.


LaurieM said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear you got sick, especially for such a preventable reason. Hopefully it will pass quickly. (oh dear, didn't mean to make a pun)

Off to read the other blogs now...

Sel and Poivre said...

'Back on line trying to catch up with everyone - here are my comments en masse for the last few posts you've put up starting with what a great piece that machine knit cardi you worked up turned out to be - I'm so envious of your multifaceted production skills! Next I would have to say - YOU TWO ARE ADORABLE! Happy Anniversary!How romantic to get married at Christmastime! Followed by thank you for your kind wishes for the season and wrapping up with I am so so sorry to hear about your gastrointestinal issues over the past week! We too have been sidelined by illness but more of the upper respiratory tract variety. Oh and right now we are coming up on 24 hours since the furnace last puffed out a breath of anything warm.

Anyway, Happy New Years Brenda to you and Fred. Thank you for the link to Patrick's site - you called it on the tears!

sharon said...

hope you are on the mend..with weather like this, just enjoy some knitting and TV watching .