Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Today, the gathering began with yarn goodies. Donated by Mona of the 'bad shoulder'. Her knitting activities are restricted for the time being so she donated yarn and patterns to the group. Always a great way to start the day.

Gail, of course, took no yarn.
You might remember that Gail is trying to knit a ball a day so as to have her stash appropriately diminished by next fall's Knitters Fair. She had a bit of a set back, when over the holidays, visitors gave her yarn. Smiling outwardly, groaning inwardly, Gail set about to crochet afghans to give back to the yarn gifters. Since Christmas, she tells us she has used 1000 grams of yarn. Holy Needles, Gail. Don't ruin your shoulder too.

Ingrid, of course, was beautifully dressed in another of her amazingly creative creations.
Ingrid, so brilliant with her knitting, told us today that she finally and just now has learned how to operate her DVD player. We all do what we do best, eh Ingrid?

Pat wore a very furry, fuzzy hat and mitten set.
I expect these types of knitted items will soon become 'antiques' as it is nearly impossible to find that fun fur yarn these days.

Wilma, knit this lovely baby set.
The pattern is from Cabin Fever's Baby Vee book. An easy knit with no sewing, Wilma told us. It is headed to Calgary for her daughter's friend's soon-to-come baby.

And, it seemed appropriate, given all the talk today about bad shoulders, that Joanne and Doreen
both showed off shoulder wraps/capelets. Mona and Gail should think about wearing one. Protect those shoulders, knitters.

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LaurieM said...

Ingrid's sweater is just beautiful. I like that design, though I'm thinking that's a lot of moss stitch!