Monday, January 18, 2010


My year of knitting with Elizabeth might mean some less than stellar blog posts. Project number one, the Waterloo Fairisle, is a good example. Progress is akin to watching paint dry, or TV poker. Too bad for me, I actually know what both those are like.

To try to speed up my progress, I came up with a couple of tips. Placing a marker at stitch number one of each of the 28 stitch repeats was my first ingenious idea.
Should I ever When I end up with more motif than stitches, or vice versa, I only have to go back as far as the previous marker. Much speedier.

Tip number two stems from my 'over-the-hill' eyesight. Even thought I scanned and enlarged the chart to make it easier to read, the 'ping-ponginess' of turning from knitting to chart a
k zillion times in each long round frustrated me. So, I wrote out a shorthand version of each repeat, one per page, in my little knitting notebook.
Probably, I am the last knitter in the western hemisphere to think of these things, but hey, I'm here now.
With those two 'speed' tips, last night I finished row 16. Paint drying I tell you.


Zieknits said...

Don't worry about boring blog posts. You couldn't possibly be boring, Brenda!

Great tips, btw. Charts (esp. colourwork) make my eyes go funny sometimes, too.

Fairisle is arguably the ultimate in 'process' knitting. Breathe. Embrace the knitting. Become one with the knitting. ;-))

freshisle said...

I've been known to make notes like that, too.
No, not paint drying, far from it.

Sandra said...

Yeah, I'm familiar with the joy of TV poker as well. ANd fishing shows. He watches fishing shows. I think he feels that way about my need to watch HGTV and the Food Network...

Sel and Poivre said...

I beg to differ on your view of this post - this is the stuff of knitting - trials and tips and process - the stuff knit blogs were built on before so many just became places to display FO's. I say keep it coming!