Friday, January 8, 2010

Olympic Knitting

The week between Christmas and New Years saw the Olympic Flame pass though our local communities. My knitting friend, Wilma, was prepared.

Before her family arrived for the holiday visit, Wilma knit an Olympic hat.
Modelled here by her lovely daughter.

Catching the Olympic Knitting spirit, her grandson requested mittens with the Olympic circles on them. Wilma a great knitter with limited drafting skills mentioned the need for a graph. Her grandson, as it turns, out has a great future as a drafter of knitting designs. A piece of graph paper, Grandma's caution to use only 13 squares, a bit of time and he handed Wilma the pattern for Olympic circles.
Great drafting, great knitting, great Olympic wear, great fun.


Vera said...

Great hat and mitts. Too bad I look hideous in a hat like that. I need something wide brimmed. You sure have lots of snow! Only rain here.

freshisle said...

Wonderful mittens! He did a great job.

Christy J said...

Cool Olympic gear. I picked up some up the official mitts at Zellers, but Wilma's are way better!