Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Sharon arrived at knit group today, chuckling as she laid her beautiful woven scarf on the table. 
"Remember this yarn, Brenda?" she asked.

In it's transformed state, a lovely scarf, fresh from Sharon's loom, I didn't.    But Sharon reminded me it was this yarn      from  Dessert Wrap.  The customer that commissioned the wrap asked that I cut out   most of the purple bits.  Those purple bits went home with Sharon for her weaving.  Recycled in the best possible way.  It's gorgeous, Sharon.

Sandy B, still working on her quilt-knit baby blanket
intrigued me with her little black book of prep work.  Some  knitters prepare for a new project by knitting a gauge swatch.  Some of us read ravelry.  Sandy does something different.  She  colours.

It obviously works.  The blanket is outstanding, Sandy.

It was great, today,  to see Wilma back from vacation.    She knit the cutest tunic for one of her grand daughters
and is finishing up one for the sister.  Same colours, reversed positions.  They are very cute, Wilma.


For any blog readers (Zieknits, I hope you are reading) that might be planning on dropping in to see us, please know that as of Sept 8, we will be meeting in the Meaford Hall.  Take the elevators to the first floor and walk towards the front of the building until you smell the yarn fumes.  Although our room at the library is wonderful, it is a gruelling climb up 20 stairs.  Some of the knitters find that too difficult so we are moving to a room serviced by an elevator.  All readers welcome.  And if in  town next week, pick up a copy of the Meaford Express and look for the picture of your favourite knitting group.    Famous, I tell you. 

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Zieknits said...

Thanks for the heads up, Brenda.

I will (God willing) be joining you on September 29th. Can't wait!

Love all the projects--especially the quilt baby blanket. I hope Sandy B. will still be in town at the end of September. :)