Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Whether it is the call of a new location, or a resurgence of interest in knitting due to the  season changing, I don't know.  But our new room at Meaford Hall was packed again today.

Nell, - that would be Nell-who-knits-only-for-charity-Nell, knit herself a shrug.
She and hubby are off to North Carolina for a few weeks to visit their son and she thought a shrug would be just the ticket for those North Carolina evenings.   It looks lovely, but I hope you don't always need help to get into it, Nell.

Can you guess what these are?  Nicki is making slippers again.
The Fiber Trends Felted slipper pattern.  Can't wait to see what size they end up being, Nicki.

Sandy B has started another mitred square blanket. 
In taupe tones as requested by her daughter.

She and Nan discuss it. Sandy hates it.  I like it. 

Nan brought her Knitters' Fair treasures to show us.  What wonderful buttons. 

They look great, Nan, but I think you need to sew them on first.

Newcomer Joyce is working on a hat and hopes next week, someone can teach her how to do I-Cord for the tassels. 
I'm sure someone - er any of us, can -  Joyce.

Mona has a great sock yarn hat for her daughter and a great smile.

Guess who?
A shot of the back of a sweater coat with mitred squares is your first clue.
Ingrid wearing another beauty.

Doreen - sorry to be the one to telly you this, but you need a lesson in gauge.  This top is MUCH too big for you. 
Doreen tells me she is sending it off to her daughter in England.  Like Sally Melville said -"if you don't get the gauge thing right, you never know who you are knitting for"  - or something like that.

What about that Survivor opener last night?  Looks as if it's going to be a great season!

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LynS said...

It's all about the mitres. I'm with you - I like the taupe shades of Sandra B's mitred blanket, and Ingrid's mitred jacket - particularly in shades of mauve - is a beauty.

A new season of Survivor? I'll have to go searching to see if it's scheduled for Australia!