Monday, September 26, 2011

19 Row Slippers

Last week, I came across the 19 Row Slipper pattern on ravelry.  It's very name held much appeal to me, suggesting a quick & easy, weekend felting project.

My yarn wasn't  the bulky weight the pattern suggested.  Well to be honest, I missed the line where it said DK weight DOUBLED!!  My yarn,  greedily grabbed a year or so ago, from one of  Sandy B's sister Sally's (AKA The Bag Lady)   great, yarn give-aways  is a loosely-spun, mid-weight wool in orange with navy flecks.  With some co-ordinating navy Patons Classic in the stash, I went for the two-coloured combo. 
These are so easy!  Just 19 rows and none of the twisting, turning, watching-every-stitch-you-make complications of some other slipper patterns I could mention. 

The pattern did suggest  that for a higher slipper, one could knit another row or two.  I did.  Then the other modification I made,  - copying  from  that other famous, felted-clog, slipper pattern - was to knit a double sole.  Once the slipper was complete, I picked up stitches all around the slipper, where the body met the sole and knit a second sole,   "" reversing""    all shaping. Even now, in their yet-to-be-felted state, they are great slippers.

Having made the size medium  with  finer yarn, definitely another pair in heavier yarn and/or larger size are in order.  Next weekend.

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Vera said...

Those sure look good. I just might try to find that pattern and go from socks to slippers :-)