Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

 A great crowd of knitters came out today to see the new digs.  Sandy B worked hard to find us an elevator-equipped, down-town location that we could afford.  Thanks Sandy.  Mention elevator and look how many knitters turn up.

Gail had two baby sweaters, knit with  Jame Brett 'Marble'  yarn    to show off. 
For no baby in particular but it was mentioned that sweaters so cute might encourage one to get pregnant.  Nah - I don't think so. 

Mitre mania is the only word to describe what has come off Sandy B's needles.   The  'memories of the beach' pillow for her Florida condo 
- she insisted that I show both sides -  (Nice to see that smile, Sandy)

and her finished,  work-of-art, baby blanket.

Ruth is knitting a gorgeous little pink sweater.  I'd tell you who it was for if I could remember if she said Grand Daughter or Great Grand daughter.  Sorry Ruth. 
Ruth went backwards today with her knitting.  This shot was taken shortly after she arrived.  Before I left, she was almost back down to the ribbing.  A big goof she said.  A big tear drop I'd say.

With no stairs to climb, Pat was able to come out.  Another toy and a big smile to show us.

Nell was so busy crocheting this blanket she kept right on counting while I snapped her picture.   Deadline, Nell?

Ingrid, of course had another fabulous sweater to show us.  It was an "Oh that old thing" sweater.  Knit last winter.  Lovely light weight mohair. 

The easy-access room was smaller than what we've been used to, but   the knitting was just as grand.


Needles said...

It occurs to me you must be the most famous Thursday knit group in Canada. Wel, you are famous around here anyhow! Great stuff as usual! And it is so good to see the dolls and Pat again!

Christy J said...

Tell Sandy B that I am in awe of her mitred baby blanket. Mine just let the colors show up as the yarn provided - hers is outstanding! I am inspired to try another one with more planning.