Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ready For Coat Weather

 Last week, I started a scarf to match my new-ish, fall coat.   Last year's scarf of contrasting colour was so - last year.  This year I wanted a matching scarf.

Casting on, then ripping off for a few different designs, I finally settled on Sally Melville's 'Shape It Scarf'.
This scarf begins like a triangular shawl, but not long into it,  casts on  great hunks of stitches on two rows.  It finishes with  knitting straight for four inches - a hybrid of sorts.  A sharf.  Or a scawl.

Mine, being knit with far, finer yarn that the pattern recommends, had to have many more stitches to achieve the length I wanted.    300 to be exact.  But it is perfect.

Initially, I planned to use two yarns.  A green and a deep charcoal to match the coat.  But it looked a bit plain.   So I used my old trick of making my own yarn -taking several different but co-ordinating yarns, and simply tying them together in varying lengths, to create a 'new', designer-effect yarn.
I love it.  It looks great and gives the entire 'ensemble' a more cohesive look than the contrasting scarf.  Heaven knows I can use more cohesion!

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LaurieM said...

Oh! That looks nice! I really like the interest that the other yarns add. Great job!