Monday, September 12, 2011

Fair Day

Fall fairs are wonderful aren't they?  The KW Knitters Fair - no midway, no candy floss, no rides - is no exception.

We arrived minutes after the 9:30 opening and left just after 4pm.  We out-lasted most everyone except the merchandisers!  It's a good thing too, as it took me almost that long to do the complete tour of vendors.  There were so many  knitters/friends to talk to.  Knitters  from my old London knitting group,  students  I taught, bloggers I read and co-workers from my old haunt London Yarns.   I hardly had time to shop!!

And true to Brenda form, my camera made it out of my bag only a few times during the day.  But that doesn't mean, that I didn't enjoy our conversations, Carol, Jan, Sharon, Linda,  Buffy, Pat

I did finally get to meet Laurie M of Issues With Knitting.  What a delight.  A big, non-stop  smiling kind of knitter.  We did the 'blogger-taking-a-picture-of-another-blogger' thing.

The biggest surprise of the day was when I happened past the 'Shall We Knit' booth.
OMG.  Is that really who I think it is ?? It cant be!!  But yes it is!! A knitting celebrity!   Anne Hanson of Knitspot!  And all her sweaters. 

Another delightful knitter.  So soft spoken, so undemanding of attention.  And so creative!  Brad Pitt, George Clooney and the T.I.F.F. be d----.  My celebs are knit-designers and bloggers.

Between celeb gazing, we met for a picnic lunch under the trees.  Then back into  the hall to hear
Denise Powell and her take on using traditional quilts for knitting inspiration.  Very inspiring.  I never thought I'd say this, but I just might have to try that quilt/knitting thing.

Back home safely and time today to paw through my bags.  Yep that 's right.  Plural.  Purchases revealed tomorrow..


Needles said...

Looking good!

Christy J said...

Sounds like great fun and a good haul. I wish I lived down south with more access to events. I am a big Anne Hanson fan, too. Lucky you.

LaurieM said...

It was a delight meeting you too. I wish I had known you when you lived in London. :)