Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The beginning of the school year, despite the many, many years since I've been in school, still feels like a 'New Year'.  A time for beginnings.

Luckily though, for me, there was no lunch to pack, no sitting still for long stretches of time, no being quiet!!  Just a new beginning  - casting on for a new knit.  I could have - and probably should have - cast on for my Must Have Cardi.  That however,  would have required thought.  Maybe even a gauge swatch.  With a  morning hike and an afternoon visit to the dentist, I wasn't up for anything that required thought or swatching.

 Instead, I cast on for a scarf.  Something to match  the coat I purchased last fall.  


Shortly after buying the coat, I knit a scarf of contrasting colours,
which looked lovely and worked well all last fall and early winter.  But this year, I  wanted to do the  matchy-matchy thing.

It so happens that my two balls of left-over Briggs &Little Sport from my Elizabeth Zimmermann Green Sweater matches perfectly. 

The two balls of leftover, deep-charcoal grey from Peter's Christmas sweater
is another dead-on match. 

As with many students, there were a few, less-than-perfect starts  in my  beginning.  Holding the two colours together, working with  two strands of the green,  settling on one strand at a time, in one colour  at a time. 

I settled on 200 stitches, knitting the scarf lengthwise.  Mostly green with a grey stripe or two.    A good beginning.


LaurieM said...

I like my scarfs to contrast with my coat, but to match or co-ordinate with my accessories.

Needles said...

I still have the urge to get at least one new outfit each fall, even when I do not need any more clothes. Its deeply ingrained.

But yes, I have been playing in the scarf and wrap yarn stash too. Even though its forecast to be 31 degrees today.