Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From My Basement

FOs are flying off the needles here.  If one can fly slowly.  This mini afghan was started in March shortly after attending the Brier in London.
It all started with the new chesterfield.    Purchased solely for comfortable TV watching, it has big puffy arms and reclining seats.  But no basement TV watching is truly comfortable - at least in our basement with our Canadian winters - without an Afghan. 

Our previous TV-watching Afghan was lacey,  holey, heavily fringed  and delicate.  It ended it's life with messy,  tangled fringe and a  giant hole where Fred's big toe rested.  This Afghan I decided had to be more serviceable than ornate.  More sturdy than delicate.  More closed stitched than lacey.  Patons had the perfect pattern. 

Knit on 15mm needles, in stockinet stitch,  holding together  four strands of their Shetland Chunky  (I substituted Cascade Eco),  a non-curling edge  and simple giant tassels on each corner, it would be perfect. 
Today's furniture manufacturers don't include  removables.  There were no pillows or arm caps to take to the store for colour matching so I am not 100% pleased with my colour choices.  The little fleck of red in the furniture is overdone in the Afghan.  But with four strands of Eco, it sure is warm.  That delightful warm.  That cozy but never over-heated warm that only wool can bring.   There are no holes for toes to play with.  No fringe to tangle.  It fits the basement, TV-watching-bill perfectly. 

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Yarn and Ivories said...

OH! That's beautiful and sounds perfect. I'm not an afghan fan (that's fun to say!), but 4 strands and 15 mm is certainly the solution! Congratulations!! Nice accent colors, I'd say!