Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

What great surprises were in store for us today. at knit group.

The day started when this  lovely couple, Virginia and Ron,
stopped by with bags and bags of yarn, patterns and needles.  Sadly, arthritis now prevents Virginia   -   ' the best knitter I have ever seen',  according to husband Ron  -  from knitting.  She decided to donate all her supplies.  It was Christmas  all over again.  Thank you Virginia. 


Look who is back form the Arctic.  Tanya. 

Still working on the Fish Hat.  Or wind sock as she now describes it.
"I went terribly terribly wrong somewhere" she claims.  A new fashion in Whitehorse, I am sure,Tanya.  She said she will never wear it.  But I think she should  re-consider.  Look at the fun it gave us today, Tanya.

Nan, another Koigu knitter finished yet another scarf.  It's great,Nan.  Sadly, not my colour though.

It would be impossible to NOT guess which one of our knitters purchased Lilac shoes.  Only Ingrid.  They are beyond cute. Sadly, not my size though.

Sharon is back from Maine and practised great yarn-shopping restrain it would seem. Two balls.
Strange as it might sounds, she still reports a great vacation. 

Sandy B finished her Noro Citron.  There are many versions of Citron on ravelry and like yours, Sandy, they are all wonderful. 

Ruth knit herself a very stylish sweater.  Nice fit, nice style but Ruth - it's not a mug shot.

Then just before we left, another great thing happened.  Victims of our own success, our new room at Meaford Hall is too small.  The Hall has offered us a larger room on the main floor for the same price. Yippee!