Friday, September 2, 2011

The One-Armed Moose.

While creative knitters and weavers like Sharon and Sandy B were showing of their wonderfully, gorgeous wares, yesterday at knit group, I worked on the ribbing for Moose Eh!  And cast off! Yippee!  Done!  Last night I sewed in the first sleeve.

So today, I can show you my one-armed Moose!    So Canadian, eh?  Maple leaves, Moose and inclusiveness too!

Have a great Labour Day weekend, everyone and thanks for reading.


Needles said...

I completley understand about one armed moose!

Sandy is in very good company with her colouring. A friend took a trip with Nancy Bush this spring to Estonia and if you are taking a degree in fibre work, this is how you plan the fantastic colourwork. You would love Catherine's pictures.

Stephanie said...

It's looking good! Though it might be more useful with two arms. :)

freshisle said...

Very Canadian. It's going to be beautiful. A classic.

Yarn and Ivories said...

Looks promising! I don't know how you work on one thing at a time... You are a driven woman! LOL And fun to hear from. Thanks for writing from the North!