Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Started in the summer.  Finished in the fall. Same year though!!
This is the Pure & Simple Bulky Asymmetrical Cardigan.  Knit with Naturally Chunky yarn in a dark brown colour.

The end result is not as pleasing to me as I had hoped.  I loved the pattern from the 'get-go' and have had it in my queue for quite some time.   But!   I had forgotten how heavy,  hot and plain uncomfortable   a chunky weight sweater can be.  Especially  when compared to Featherweight which was the knit that preceded Asymmetrical.  This style, with it's off-centre closure, only looks good when buttoned. Hotter that ever.

Sure I  knit Chunky sweaters years ago.  Most knitters of my era did.  We began our sweater knitting with  Patons Chunky 'Ski' Sweaters.  Sadly, I had forgotten that they too were hot and heavy.  Asymmetrical at least has some style.   

And I do love the buttons.  Those were from The Woodlot, purchased at the KW Knitters Fair.  

I will give it one winter.  If it is too hot and  heavy for comfort, then I will take it apart for hats and mitts.  Probably a much better - IMO -  use of the chunky yarn.  And then  - maybe - re-knit Asymmetrical in a lighter yarn.


Needles said...

It's pretty classy looking though. Good for long fall walks? The occasional late evening out with friends? Going to the movies?

Joansie said...

It's gorgeous and I love those buttons. Oh, don't "frog it" if you don't like it. Sell it for big bucks to someone who will enjoy your work.

Sandra said...

love the sweater (and especially the buttons!), but totaly agree with you about chunky cardigans. There's very little use for them in our centrally heated homes now.

Yarn and Ivories said...

Agree, agree, and agree with above comments. Especially the buttons for accent! STYLE.