Monday, September 19, 2011

2nd Annual Knitrade

In 2010, Cabin Fever sisters, Deb and Lynda, organized the first-ever, Canadian equivalent of the massive, American, wholesale trade shows.  One-stop shopping for LYS owners.  Yesterday was the 2011 event and while there, I wore two hats.


My first hat was for my 'boss' Karen, from Grey Heron.  She  had another commitment and could not attend Knitrade this year.  She  sent me with her shopping list.  What fun that was to buy and buy and buy and not break MY bank account.  For the store,  I brought home very large bags of Cabin Fever and Jojoland yarn.  The Jojoland rep, a  petite, Chinese woman all the way from Texas was so cute, so polite, so charming.    A perfect match for their lovely yarns.  And then I brought home lots of one-offs - buttons, beads, brooches, stitch markers -  to show Karen some new things that we might consider  for the store.

My other hat, I wore while helping out  at the Cabin Fever booth.  That meant arriving early and staying till the last shopper left.  Ask me if my feet hurt.  Ask me if I was   am tired.  But ask me too if it was a great day!  For sure.

The shop owners  portion of the morning started with a presentation by the Patternfish rep.  It was great to hear her new ideas for expanding the Patternfish  online presence directly into the  LYS.   

Then I met Barbara.  The Denise Needle Rep - all the way from Virginia.    What a great lady.

 That Timmys is borrowed.  She is  newly  converted to our national drink and thought being in Canada and all, she should show her  love of the brew.

I told Barbara how in love I have been with my Denise Needle Set ever since first purchasing it about ten years ago.  But now, they have gone one better.  They have come out with a soft case for the needles.With space for needles, cords and lots of other bibs & bobs - like markers, little scissors, it is a great kit.   It can be purchased alone - for those like me, who already have the needles - or with all the needles included for  first-time purchasers.
Did I have to have one of those?  You bet.  Along with a great brooch by 'Sarah'  to decorate the front of my felted bag.

What felted bag, you ask?  Haven't heard me mention knitting one?  Well, you are right.  The thought never occurred to me until I saw the brooches.  "Great to decorate felted bags", said Sarah. Such a slick salesperson. Of course I had to have one.  Fred accuses me of being impulsive.  "Ain't it grand" I say?

There were goody bags of course,and I suppose it really should go to Karen.  She does own the store, after all.  But  sorry for your luck, Karen. I have stolen this from the goody bag.
The latest C.F.  book.  Another - 'use whatever gauge of yarn turns you on'   Need A   book.  Like the Need A Hat and Need A Sock books, this little, book of baby sweaters gives  patterns using yarn from Sock to Chunky weight.  One book for all your knitting needs.  I love it.  Someone  -  have a baby please! 

All in all a great day.  Two   knitterly weekends in a row.  How lucky am I?

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Needles said...

Sounds like a fantastic time, the sort of time that makes me want to own a yarn store. Or did till I worked at one and realized it isn't just yarn it is WORK.