Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Best Before Date

With Moose Eh! almost done, I have been thinking about what to knit next.  Since I dragged it all the way to Hearst and didn't get it started there, for sure, it will be my long-queued Must Have Cardigan.
I have had this sweater queued for at least 5 years.  How much of a  'must-have' can it be, you might ask, when I've waited so long to start it?  A better name might be my  Kinda' Wann'a Have It Cardigan. 

Even the yarn I have had for almost two years. 
Galway, knitting worsted, purchased at Romni Wools in the fall of 2009!  Yikes!!  It's a good thing yarn doesn't have a best-before date. 

This is a pattern knit in pieces.
So not me!  I am wondering if I might knit the entire thing in the Elizabeth Zimmermann mode.  Totally in the round, with both neck and sleeve steeks.  Or perhaps at least in the round until the armhole then back and forth to the shoulders.  Or maybe, I should just trust the designer and knit as instructed.   HAH!  I'd need to close off my memory to all the times designers have led me astray for that to work.

Finishing touches on Moose Eh! will take a couple of days, then visitors for the long weekend and I'll probably be starting my Must Have early next week.  In the meantime, I'll do my prep work.  No, not a swatch.  Reading what other, 'quicker-off-the-mark' knitters on ravelry have to say about the pattern. 


LaurieM said...

Dija forget top-down in the round? You made a go of those top down set in sleeves before, perhaps this is the cardi to test it out on?

Certainly it would be a challenge, but you shouldn't listen to me much. I'd likely follow the pattern. I'm lazy that way and I like a good mattress stitch seam now and again.

Needles said...

I too, think it could be done, top down but with the extra weight that the sweater will have because of the cables, will the seams, particularly the shoulder seams, add to the stability of the garment?

Now if it was me knitting it, I'd say heck yeah, go for it but I think I might knit it with saddles, top down or bottom up, so that the shoulder seams issue wouldn't even come into play.

Call me devil's advocate. Besides, I like to know how you feel about shoulder seams and garment stability.