Monday, August 22, 2011

The Weekend Moose

Weekend weather that saw one and a half days of rain, wind and severe thunder storms might have been discouraging to some.  But to this knitter it meant lots of time for Moose Eh!

Remember me, while at the trailer,  trying to decide whether to knit the fronts by hand or leave them until at home when they could be machine knit?  I hate knitting flat but doing so while on vacation would have meant being being able to claim another FO at the trailer.  I chose instead, to wait.

That's  where the stormy, rainy weather came in handy.  Both fronts were done Sunday afternoon.  I don't use my machine often and so struggle to begin anew each time I dig it out of the box.  Remembering one of my knitting friends, a machine knitting expert who helped me learn the basics,  always encourages me to keep trying.  One day, when first learning to machine knit, I exasperatedly  said  to him  "I could hand knit faster than this!"

"Any time you think that", he replied, "just  pick up your hand knitting, and knit a row.  You'll see."

So I persevere.  And Sunday afternoon, it didn't take long - an hour perhaps - to re-configure my brain and knit two fronts.  The ribbing was already complete, and I simply hung the stitches on the machine and knit 
up the two fronts.

All other pieces wait patently for the fronts and the sewing up. 

It shouldn't be long now.


Yarn and Ivories said...

What amazes me is that you can combine hand-knitted pieces with machine knitted fronts. You are a genius to match up the gauge. I don't have a knitting machine (nor ever wanted one). My friend who has one, struggles with gauge. (Maybe that's HER problem.)
It's going to be a fun sweater! Sew it up, QUICK!

Sandra said...

can't wait to see it. Even in pieces, I want to make it...