Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pure And Simple

Pure and Simple - that's the knitting I need for the 10 hour car ride home.

Although Laurie M commented that the  back and forth knitting of the  36 stitch fronts might be considered mindless enough for the car, I have put Moose Eh! away.  The back, sleeves and two pockets are done.  Once home I shall speed through the two fronts on the machine and move along to the interesting ribbing.

For the car, I have begun Knitting Pure & Simple`s Bulky Asymmetrical Cardigan.

The pattern  I`ve had for some time, but just purchased the yarn - Naturally`s Tussock Chunky -  last winter.  Elann had a special, selling this yarn at about 20% of normal retail.  I mean, who could resistÉ

This is a top down knit.  A cardigan which would suggest back and forth knitting but I am thinking - trouble brews, when I think -   Elizabeth Zimmermann would do that in the round.  Then steek.  Why not.

The decision will be made in the car, but that`s the way I'm leaning at the moment.  Pure and Simple it will be.

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LaurieM said...

Hey, you gotta go with what works for you.