Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Just Cant Do It

Speeding along as I was with Moose Eh! I have come to an abrupt halt.  The back went quickly.  The Intarsia kept my mind off the fact that I was knitting flat.  Back and forth.  Dreaded purl rows.  The sleeves I started flat until past the maple leaf  motif just above the cuff, then  I joined them in the round - being careful not to twist the stitches - and bim, bam -  they were done. 

But now I've started the left front. 

It is knit flat.  No way around it.  I hate knitting flat.  Mind you,  because  the bands are wide, it is a narrow front.  There are only 36 stitches.    One would think I could handle knitting 36 stitches flat.  That it would in fact, make it quite easy.  But no. It means I spend more time turning than knitting.  I just can't do it.  Now, if at home, I could put those fronts on the machine and zip, zip, they would be done.

 So I ask myself  (I always wondered if I should have gone into time management) what is the best use of my time.  And I weigh that against having a finished sweater.  Is it worth knititng flat, knitting bored,  just to get a finished sweater.  No, I just can't do it.  When I ask myself if I should put aside the Moose and start another sweater, the other sweater wins the day.    Which one shall I choose.  One covered in cables or one of mindless knitting which will be good car knititng if I don't finish it before driving home.  Which one.  I will let that settle a bit before deciding.

Hurrah!  I just discovered that the É which pops up when I want to do an apostrophe shows up in spell check and I can correct it there.  Hurrah!


LaurieM said...

Start the cabled sweater. When you want mindless car knitting, work the moose.

Sandra said...

I feel the same way about flat knitting, but sometimes I power through it. I'd wait until you're home for this one, and start BOTH new sweaters - The cable one for now the mindless for the car.

Yarn and Ivories said...

The moose is very... funky! And totally wearable... were you thinking of giving it away? I'm a "starter", so my opinion doesn't count with someone who likes to finish... eh?