Friday, August 19, 2011

There Are Issues

There are issues with my Asymmetrical Bulky Cardigan  for sure.   Sleeve number was knit down to the wrist - as per the pattern - and then ripped back to three quarter length.  The shorter length is the winner I think, as it will  maybe  allow me to wear this bulky sweater indoors without overheating.

But take a look at that neckline depth.  Lower than the V neck top I'm wearing.  With the pattern calling only for a  three-row trim I am not expecting much height to be added.  It should tidy it up a bit,  but that's all.
Despite my one-handed photo shoot, I tried to get the camera to capture the flaring bottom trim.  Can you see it?  That definitely needs to be ripped back.  To say there are issues with this sweater, is an understatement.  I only hope I can alter it enough to be wearable.  Otherwise, any  suggestions for ten balls of Naturally Tussock?


Deb said...

Welcome back for the far north. Glad to be reading your blog again.

It sounds like you have all the fixings ready to go so it will turn out well. It does look great on you.

Yarn and Ivories said...

I agree. I think you'll tweak it into a great sweater. I like the colors and the shape.

Needles said...

Smaller needles on the bottom bands?