Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Hat

Wanting a break from the tedium of the 200  plus stitches of Moose Eh!'s ribbing, this weekend, I picked out some stash yarn and knit a  hat.

The pattern, Seaman's Hat by Brenda Zuk, called for 100 g of worsted weight yarn but my stash ball had only  86 g.  It  might  be enough,  but then again, maybe not.  Solving that issue before it became one, I chose  a coordinating variegated yarn for the turned up cuff.

But, probably because I knit the medium size,  there was still  lots left on   my 86g ball once the hat was finished.    However, the   contrast colour accomplished two goals:  an interesting touch to a plain hat, and the end of the left over Vienna yarn  from my Mondo Cabled Cardi.

Brenda's pattern has a great turned up cuff to give double coverage to the ears.  It is knit in K1, P2 ribbing which when turned over becomes a most attractive K2,P1 ribbed cuff.  Nice.

Really not an entire weekend's worth of knitting, the hat took me just part of each of Friday night and Saturday afternoon's pathetic Blue Jays games.   Thank goodness the hat turned out better than Toronto's scores!

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Needles said...

I like the hat. Its great but I confess I had to go take a third good look at the blanket from the Thursday group!