Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Vacations offer an escape from routine.  Some, back from vacation,  complain about being 'back to routine'.   But the routine of knit group on Thursdays, I look forward to.  No complaints from me. 

First time back today after my trip to Hearst, it was great to see everyone  and get caught up on their knitting projects.

Mona, looking spiffy with her new perm, is knitting a  sock weight hat.  Light-weight yarn favoured by her sore shoulder.

Sandy B has completed her mitred square Koigu baby blanket.  Words like  - Outstanding!  Fabulous!   Wow!  Well done!  come to mind.

There are hats to match. One boyish, one girlish.  The baby is apparently a boy so I guess Sandy expects him to channel his inner female side.

Sharon  - one of our multi-talented  crafters  artists has been weaving.  This is a fingering weight, caramel and ivory, hounds-tooth checked scarf.  Again,   Fabulous!   comes to mind.  The weaving is so absolutely perfectly executed it hard to believe it is hand done. 
It will be for sale at the Pottawatmi Spinner and Weavers Guild Sale at the Owen Sound public library in November if you are interested. 

A new-to me knitter, Carol has Gail helping her untangle some Koigu yarn.  (Knitting with Koigu seems to be infectious in our group.  Maybe we can negotiate a discount ???)  Carol intends to make a mitred square jacket for her daughter.

Mind you, Gail has knitting of her own.  An almost-completed baby blanket.  The shower is tomorrow night, so keep working, Gail. 

The date and time might be routine, but never the conversation or the knitting.    Glad to be back.

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Sandra said...

if you get that Koigu discount, can I become an honourary member of the Meaford Knitters so I can get it too?
That blanket is outstanding, and I bet all the knitters were glad to see you back.