Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rainy Day Sweaters

That rainy weekend came in handy for finishing.  At least, closing in on  finishing.  Not only did I move forward lots on Moose Eh!   but my bulky brown got a re-do.


The sloppy neck was amazingly tamed with it's minimal, three-row finish.  I'm happy with it now.   
Both sleeves, now  at three-quarters length,  look (to me) more perfectly suited to the sweater than the pattern's suggested wrist-length sleeves.  I'm happy with them too.

But mostly I am happy with my  bulky's new bottom.  (Mine is beyond replacing.)
Remember the  swing look that was happening when knit as the original pattern?   It was ripped back about three inches above the trim and knit straight down.   That means the waist decreases were not replaced with hip increases with the end result that the sweater, below the buttons,   stays open to reveal a bit of what I'm wearing underneath.  That look I can live with.  It is much better on me than the swing bottom. 

Ends to tie in, blocking to do and buttons to buy.  Then it's done.  Certainly not a sweater that I am ecstatic about but wearable now.