Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

Survivor has been a two week disappointment. Last week - pre-empted for basketball!! Who the heck watches basketball?? Then this week, a change of day and it turns out to be a re-cap. As Julie from the Needle Emporium says in her blog "Just give me new content. "

This girl can only stand so much disappointment so it's a good thing the knitters didn't disappoint today. Well, really. Do they ever?

Ingrid wearing another wonderful creation knit from Koigu wool, brought her felted bag.
Remember it from two weeks ago?
And Sharon has started a scarf
with this beautiful yarn

that her husband gave her for her birthday. I want a husband like that.

Pat is taking a break from the knitted toys and has been knitting baby clothes.
I think the pattern could be called 'vintage'.
But we weren't totally without toys today. Nell is working on an outfit for this little baby.
I have mentioned in the past that all Nell's knitting goes to a mission in Toronto. Nell's comment is always " It will make some little girl happy."

And Wilma is working on this little dress.
My camera bleached the colour. It's actually is a beautiful shade of lilac.

No Survivor tonight. Will 'I' survive?


Unknown said...

Looks like all the girls are having a great evening...I love the before and after shots of the felted bag!

Hope you make it through the evening without Survivor...just knit extra fast, and maybe you won't!

Thanks again for all the good wishes and support!

Sandra said...

As much as I miss Survivor (Wednesday's recap was just so disappointing...) I am a huge March Madness fan - have been since I was a kid. I just can't believe Duke still can't get out of the Sweet Sixteen...