Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm Going On A Diet

People have always referred to me as petite. I'm five foot nothing and although I weigh more than I used to, no one has ever called me a 'Big Girl'.

So why did I take this book out of the library?

Well, I know Amy Singer to produce great work and even knowing patterns from a book titled More Big Girl Knits wouldn't fit me, I hoped to be inspired.

And I was. Look at my favourites.
This is a fabulous sweater/coat. The cable is great, the coat has waist shaping and falls to a small point at the lower back. Great styling.

This too, caught my eye. I see it in a lighter yarn - more a warm weather coat than Susie, above. This one starts with the 22 stitch panel that separates top from bottom. Stitches are picked up along both long edges and knit both up and down to complete the jacket.

My current fave style is the Vee Neck. More Big Girl Knits had two I loved.
This one, because there is no overlap/wrap - so no extra bulk or knitting. And the lacey edging gives it an 'edgy' feel.

Or this one,

because it is knit in one piece, top down and the body stitches lean diagonally - a slimming effect, I think.

I liked this book and these four patterns made it great inspiration. But according to this book, I am a minor adjustment away from the category of Big Girl. None of the above patterns need more than a slight down-sizing to fit me perfectly.

Yikes!!! How did I go from Petite to Big Girl overnight? When I realised what the book was telling me, it almost burned my fingers. It is going back to the library right now! And I am off to buy some jogging shoes.

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