Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break

My sister
and her husband
retired, a few years ago, to Peterborough. A lovely town with lots of 'big-city' activities. At least they seem big-city to this, now, small-town girl.

So each year, after winter has passed, Fred
and I take our 'spring break' at my sister's house. All winter, I host the hordes that come to ski. Cooking, cleaning and washing bedding. Once spring arrives, I go to my sister's and she hosts me. She takes superb care of me; being her guest is a great antidote to having played hostess here at home for the last several months.

We shopped, ate out and watched movies on their 52 inch TV.

Of course, the three hour, each-way drive is great for knitting.
Thursday at Knit Group, I cast on this Mohair sock, to have it ready for the trip. A fast knit, it is now almost ready for the toes. And without my 'spring break' it wouldn't even be started. "Thanks sis."

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Vera said...

Those socks sure look cozy.