Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping.

I had forgotten how much twelve year old girls love to shop. Especially when the purse is bursting with baby-sitting money, just waiting to be spent. We've been shopping and hot tubbing. Shopping and cake decorating. Shopping and swimming. Shopping and theatre-going. Shopping and volunteering.

The local economy has taken a real boost since Christie came to visit and the local merchants thank her, I'm sure.

Knitting has been minimal, but Skinny Ribs is nearing the bottom.
Next step, after Christie goes home and the house seems too quiet to be healthy, will be the top-down set in sleeves. Not a new venture for me, but if I can make them look good, then definitely a new outcome.

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Anonymous said...

They say that's what we need for the economy! Hurrah for shopping, I like it, too!!
Set-in sleeves - you're up for the challenge I'm sure!