Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It Didn't Work

"Will It Work?" is the question I asked when I wrote this post. So far, I have resisted posting about it because to post it is to admit it. It Didn't Work.

Inspired by my lovely spring-coloured scarf,
and in a fit of inspiration and creativity befuddled brain syndrome I decided to turn the scarf idea into a top. But I'm here to tell you -it didn't work.

The back was coming along nicely.
Working from the top down, the back is put on hold after the armholes, to start the front. The front has two pieces, each about two inches wide that come from the shoulders down to the armholes. Working in garter stitch and changing colour every row meant LOTS of ends to weave in. All those ends, over just a two inch wide strip, so completely distorted the fabric, that I have abandoned the whole idea.

Discouraged, but not defeated, I have chosen a new pattern. Alexandra
from Fitted Knits. Alexandra is also knit top down but the front is garter stitch. Perfect. Much less adjusting for me.

Now my only problem is timing. Seems Easter is in the middle of April, not at the end of April as I first thought. If you see a second post titled. "It Didn't Work" in the near future, you will know that either the pattern or the timing defeated me and I will be wearing dark wool for Easter dinner, yet again.

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